Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
The home of trusted Mandarin dictionaries for everyday language learning. An easy-reference Chinese to English and English to Chinese dictionary. The easiest way to learn Mandarin Chinese for students with the clearest layout and entry structure. Each Chinese word and translation has a Pinyin transcription as well as Chinese characters. Designed for anyone starting to learn Chinese. The dictionary covers everyday language in both Chinese and English, so you can be sure of having access to all the vocabulary you need. All English translations underlined, Pinyin transcription of Chinese characters, and thousands of examples show you how to use the translation in context. Contains a supplement giving practical guidance on communicating in spoken Chinese, and a guide to writing Chinese characters. Hundreds of helpful language notes throughout the dictionary text. Clear layout ensures that you can find what you want quickly and easily.
Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
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